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Secured By Design…… and Proven

Before the new residents move in, new build sites can be a great hunting ground for thieves and petty criminals, as several of housebuilders have found out over recent months. With no occupants in place, the empty homes can offer rich pickings including kitchens, appliances, tools and materials. But, thanks to the Secured By Design windows and doors manufactured and installed by leading new build fenestration partner Nationwide Windows Ltd, thieves across the UK are being thwarted. As the photography shows, no access was gained despite the criminals’ best efforts.  


Mick Reynolds from SBD, the official UK Police flagship incentive combining the principles of ‘designing out crime with physical security comments: “I applaud Nationwide Window and Doors’ responsible approach to offering the highest level of security on their new build projects. Not only are the occupants safer when they move into their new home, the developers and builders benefit too while the sites are being built.




The windows and doors manufactured at Nationwide Ltd’s Rugby facility are produced to exacting standards: PAS 24 is the driver for Secured By Design and the minimum requirement for PAS 24 is 'P1A' which means, as standard, we use 6.8mm laminated glass for our new build supply