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Windows with Curve Appeal

Nationwide Windows Ltd has recently completed a full window replacement project on Rugby’s notable Napier Building.


The four-storey flat roofed building on North Street was built in the art-deco style in the early 20th century. It houses NatWest Bank on the ground floor and three stories of luxury apartments above, which were fully renovated and refitted as part of the project. Working directly with the main contractor, Nationwide Windows and Doors was brought in to replace all upper story windows, with an emphasis providing a close match the original window styles, maintaining the building’s art deco heritage.


Before & After



A key part of the project involved replacing the three large curved windows that form the point of the building; a challenge that Nationwide Windows and Doors successfully overcame. Not only did the windows require curved frames and glass, they also had to maintain the style and sightlines of all the adjacent windows. To resolve this, after curving the window frames detailed glass templates were made. These in turn were used to make bespoke fixed moulds that the glass could be bent around, before being sealed into high efficiency double glazed units.



Curved windows and glass

The result is a stunning renovation project, completely in keeping with the original lines and style of the original windows.