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Berkswell Cricket Club Bowled Over by Nationwide Windows & Doors’ Continued Support

Nationwide Windows & Doors is proud to renew its commitment as the Main Youth Development partner for Berkswell Cricket Club for the 5th year in a row. Since starting to support Berkswell, the Rugby based business has seen the team go from success to success, achieving a clean sweep and phenomenal end to the last season.


Nationwide’s Commercial Director Adrian Pavey comments: “As a business, we’ve been involved in the Youth Development Scheme and are delighted to continue to support Berkswell. As a major employer in the region, we are always interested in getting involved with local ventures, and what better than this scheme with Berkswell which aims to drive investment into creating opportunities and providing the best coaching for as many young sportspeople as possible. We applaud the club’s aim to build a model of sustainable success, built on foundations that offer advancement for the best youngsters, as well as opportunities for girls and boys of all ages and playing ability.


“We wish the teams all the best for the new season, and we’ll be in the sidelines cheering you on.”